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If you start your day stuck in traffic...there is Cruze!

You're not the only one

We have a lot of cars on the road, but very few are actually full. The average rate of occupancy for rides home/to work in Europe is 1.2 people per car. We have so much space available already in the cars we use daily, why not share it with our co-workers/colleagues?


The daily commute to the office/home is not the most pleasant experience. Whether we are talking about the bus, metro, tram or bicycle, there is always a disadvantage: crowding, lack of safety, unforeseen delays.

Bucharest is the 8th most congested city in the world. Statistics show that every day we lose another hour of our time stuck in traffic. If we add the 40 minutes of searching for a parking space, the day becomes a nightmare.

So we built Cruze

We thought that all that empty space in our cars during our daily commutes could be filled with co-workers and colleagues. That’s how Cruze was born, a carpooling app for employees in large corporate offices and manufacturing plants.

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With Cruze you can...

  • Schedule and reserve rides daily to get to and from work.
  • Match with the best ride based on your location and drop-off point.
  • Only match with colleagues from your workplace to make sure you’re safe.
  • Win 25 points as a driver and 15 points as a passenger. With those points you can later unlock rewards such as eMag or gas vouchers. 
  • Calculate your current CO2 footprint when commuting and also find out how much you’re saving using Cruze.
Exemplu de utilizare Cruze

Some of our achievements.

I want in. What now?

We’re looking for companies to start trials with. First 3 companies that sign-up get 3 months of our service for free. The most important part is that your company needs to have more than 100 employees so you have enough options to match on your commute home. 

For users, the app is free and already available here, but you need a company code to access the features. Leave us your company’s details in the form below. 

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